Of your next individual or clientElectronic shop or project of much supplier marketoptimal choice. No matter you are the individual of perfectness network or representative / free profession person, it can provide correct tool for you, the website that lets you is better, faster, more it is a center in order to sell.

Rigid is one contemporary, very powerful WooCommerce theme, apply to all sorts of online shops and much supplier market. Its inside buy function provided unapproachable flexibility for you, did not conceal cost, also do not need tripartite plug-in unit.

Theme of #1 WCFM market

Rigid is best WCFM Marketplace theme, offer the complete collection with all market function to become. It also is a supplier the only market theme that all product type founds in can carrying supplier dashboard afore directly, include to contain the product of plug-in unit or assorted product.

Rigid - WooCommerce theme of market of much supplier of WCFM

The subject is main characteristic:

  • Answer completely
  • Retinal be in order
  • Procrastinate put page compose to build implement
    • Element of 100 many content
  • Advanced revolution slide block
  • Optimal WordPress plays ConvertPlus of – of plug-in unit giving form
  • Exceed 100 prefab pages
  • Exceed 600 themes option and page option
  • Infinite color and setting
  • Infinite caption style
    • Although be on paginal foundation, you also can change caption style easily
  • Infinite page foot style
  • Infinite side column
  • Infinite small part position
  • Area of collapsible Pre-Header small part
  • The area of page leg small part that can configure
  • Parallactic setting
  • Have or mix without sound broadcast control, opaque degree of control and setting of grating pilot video
  • True content slide block
    • Any content that slide you want
  • Infinite menu
    • Although be on paginal foundation, you also can change menu easily
  • Have the single page function of flowing scroll
  • The WooCommerce support to STEROIDS
    • Infinite layout
    • Define shop element oneself
    • Time favourable in a limited time
    • Example of custom-built product attribute — image, color, label
    • AJAX filter
    • Area of special filter small part
    • Car, search and side column shop outside canvas
    • The AJAX on single product page adds shopping car
    • Define style of category page headline and headline picture setting oneself
    • Define product slide block oneself
    • Define – of product attribute example oneself need not plug-in unit
    • Define area of small part of product filter and filter oneself
    • List, reseau and annulus broadcast view
    • Support all and main official WooCommerce plug-in unit
    • Contain a proposal from the definition AJAX is searched
    • Define price filter oneself
    • Examine a function quickly from the definition
  • Invest combination indefinitely
    • 1-6 lists reseau
    • 1-6 lists carrousel
    • List shows
    • Stereo of build by laying bricks or stones pursues
    • 3 single item overall arrangement that define beforehand
    • Define project overall arrangement oneself
    • CloudZoom gallery
    • Slide
    • List of lamp box picture
    • Define content project overall arrangement oneself
  • SEO be in order and optimized code
  • Gu Ge’s substantial part is ready
  • Cereal song font
  • System of 8 icon word is listed
  • Define relevant card oneself / product / assorted function
  • Card / product / those who invest combination define the next oneself / a function
  • Right one key formula demonstrates to guide
  • From the buy inside the definition super menu function
  • Outfit of standard, box and verso eyebrow layout
  • Page background plate
  • The belt is phonic sound and broadcast accuse page video setting
  • Preparation uses children theme to include

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